From France to Ottawa: Noémie tries cheesecake at the ByWard Market’s Memories Restaurant

Memories Restaurant is located at 7 Clarence Street, Ottawa

Noémie is a 25-year old woman from France, and a newcomer in Ottawa with a hunger to discover and share everything she learns about the city. When she is not looking for new foodie experiences, she is an online marketing and social media specialist.

During my very first week in Ottawa, I chose to be a true tourist and do the bus tour of the city.

…and what was the most important thing I remembered from the tour guide’s speech? He said: “In the ByWard Market, there are 88 restaurants and 35 food retail establishments; so you can eat every day for two months, changing the location of each meal.”

Memories: white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

After that I decided I just had to test all of it – I have already visited more than 20 and written about it on my blog.

But the most interesting part of this adventure is my latest discovery: the cheesecake from Memories Restaurant. I went there with a huge craving for something  sweet…and believe me, I was satisfied!

Located on Clarence Street, the atmosphere of this restaurant/bakery is peaceful and pleasant. I choose a place near the window, to watch the historical ByWard under the snow. It was not crowded, only few couples enjoying a sweet break together. What a romantic afternoon!

Memories: lemon and blueberry cheesecake

I tested both the classic white chocolate and raspberry and the lemon and blueberry cheesecakes. And I was not disappointed – just look at these photos!

The cakes were smooth, frothy and cold enough to truly enjoy. The good thing with the cheesecake is that it is easy-to-eat: you have the impression that is like eat a cloud (but stop dreaming it is not low in calories).


I went the Saturday before Valentine’s Day and the decorations were also very cute – hearts on all the tables added even more to the already very special atmosphere.

Another thing that I did not try (but I heard a lot about it after going there) is the carrot cake. Apparently, it is really amazing, so if you go there and chose to try it, let me know if is worth me making a second stop into this lovely little restaurant.