A delicious date at the ByWard Market’s Khao Thai

A young public servant, Mike Cullen is also a regular contributor to (Cult)ure Magazine as a music editorialist. His passions include music, coffee, writing, travel and comic books.

I got spoiled by my boyfriend for my birthday this year with two fantastic dinners; one at the Empire Grill in the ByWard Market (and old favourite of mine), and one at Town (a new, and fabulous restaurant at the corner of Elgin and Gilmour that everyone must visit).

Lamb shank with red curry at Khao Thai

I decided that, in turn, he should get spoiled for Valentine’s Day.

Part of the festivities included dinner at Khao Thai, one of his favourite (and quickly becoming one of my favourite) Thai restaurants located on Murray Street in the ByWard Market.

Khao Thai has some of the best Chicken pad thai and pad swui I have ever tasted in my life – in fact, I was so excited about having the Pad Swui last night, that I was a little disappointed to learn that they had a special Valentine’s Day menu on.

Chicken with yellow curry at Khao Thai

Not all was lost though; we split a spring roll appetizer to start. Their vegetable spring rolls are infused with mint, which created this medley of veggie crispness with the sharp minty taste. The boyfriend went for the lamb shank with red curry. I’m not normally a big fan of lamb, but the meat was so tender and juicy, that it easily slid off the bone. The red curry was spicy, but not to the degree where you felt like your mouth was on fire with every bite.

I went for the grilled chicken with sweet yellow curry, and it was equally delicious. The sweet curry was a pleasantly surprise to the taste buds, as I was expecting something a little hotter, but the whole fusion of flavours worked really well. We finished off our meal by sharing a dessert of fried bananas (which I forgot to take a picture of!).

All in all, I highly recommend Khao Thai for any Thai food lover. Khao Thai offers a wide selection of entrees at mid-range prices ($15 to $25, depending on what you choose), and the ambiance is perfect for any occasion!

Thanks Mike! Do you have a favourite restaurant you want to tell us about? Send us a note!