Missing Christmas? Check out this fundraiser …

The locally based theatre group Company of Fools is launching their 2011 season on Jan. 5 with the Shakespearean laugh-fest Twelfth Night, an annual tradition that also serves as  fundraiser. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. on the NAC’s Fourth Stage and tickets are just $20 each.


The famed Bill Shakespeare


The Twelfth Night was a comedy written by Shakespeare in the early 1600s to serve as a close to the Christmas Season. While the 12 days of Christmas aren’t much more than a song for many of us today, there are still loads of places around the world that celebrate the longer holiday tradition, known as Christmastide, which is followed by the (Feast of the) Epiphany on Jan. 6

A bit of history about the annual performance is provided on the Company of Fool website:

“The Twelfth Night Celebrations began in the late 90’s in the basement of the Royal Oak Pub on Laurier. When the NAC opened the Fourth Stage in 2000, we were the opening act! The event was such a success the NAC has had us back every year since!”

So here’s to Company of Fools bringing a bit of late Christmas cheer to Ottawa!

Anyone planning on checking the show out on Wednesday? Tell us about it …