Mmmmm, mornings. With Michaelsdolce jam.

Still being on holidays, my mornings aren’t what you would call fast-paced these days. A natural early riser, I’m still up with the sun. But the winter break allows me to enjoy a strong cup of coffee, the morning newspaper, and, thanks to a locally bought gift for my mother, toast with artisan jam.

(I also picked up a Chateau Lafayette T-shirt for my dad and a pound of Bridgehead coffee for my brother.)

I had read rave reviews about Michaelsdolce jams on a few local food blogs, but stumbled upon a shelf full at Isobel’s Cupcakes in New Edinburgh a few weeks back. Offered in small (60 mL)- and large (190 mL)-sized jars, the staff let me sample a few of the jams (and on shortbread!) before I chose three delicious flavours: Strawberry & Balsamic, Kiwi & Lime and Pear &Vanilla.

In fact, all of the 14 flavours — created by local chef Michael Sunderland — are original: think Fig & Blood Orange, Papaya & Pink Grapefruit and Peach & Cardamom. Although Sunderland’s website suggests pairing many of his goods with cheese, the Kiwi & Lime is great layered on fresh baked bread along with some butter. (And I’ve eaten the Strawberry & Balsamic on top of Vanilla Bean ice cream.)

Since our friends over at have written about their jam obsession, I’m thinking after this week, I’ll be following suit. Up next, I think, is Epicuria!

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