R.M. Doyon is well read

The lovely and talented Jackie Irvine published a great Q&A today with Ottawa’s R.M. Doyon –  author of the new book Upcountry.

The Q&A kicks off…

What kind of a reader are you?

I’m the type of reader who has to have a good book going at all times. If it’s non-fiction, I could have up to three books on the go at any time, since it’s easier to return to non-fiction after a month or so and pick up exactly where you’ve left off. Over the past couple of years, I have been primarily interested in finding a good novel that I can enjoy as a reader, and to learn from. I often have a pen by my side to mark up my books as I read, especially if I discover a particularly well-written phrase or passage. I admire great writing.

To learn more about the book and first-time novelist R.M. Doyon, read the whole Q&A here.

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