Sunday wrap up! (December 5th)

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Just in case you missed some of last week’s great posts, here is a bit of a snapshot:

  • Our friend Sarah V. weighed in on the battle of the Ottawa brunch spots, with a short post on Murray Street (which I went to this morning!) and the National Art Centre’s Le Cafe.
  • Social media savvy Joe Boughner provided a must-read spotlight on a handful of great meet ups that take place with Ottawa’s online communities each month.
  • Our new friend Shayla Brunet reflected on her evening at Raw Sugar, when 13 poets from Carleton University met up for a poetry workshop.

Thanks so much to everyone for a fantastic week of posts. We love how enthusiastic everyone is about living like a tourist in Ottawa! Have an idea for the blog? Send us a note.