The view from the other side …

As sunny — but cold — weather has been teasing us in Ottawa this week,  I thought I’d share one of my favourite spots in the city.

Very-centrally located, but hidden behind the National Art Gallery, the Samuel de Champlain look-out , fittingly, casts its gaze over the Champlain Bridge connecting downtown Ottawa to Gatineau. But the vistas offered from the spot where the famed explorer sits can make you feel like you’re the one discovering a new land … and all in our very own city!

The most prominent view is the back of the Parliament Buildings, offering a different take on Ottawa’s most popular attraction. A stone ledge at the base of the statue juts out in the direction of the Hill — in my opinion, the best seat in the collective “house” of this city.

Even better though is the fact that the site doesn’t attract the gaggle of tourists who ramble up to the front of the Parliament buildings, offering a peace-and-quiet version of a sightseer’s day out. (Plus an awesome fireworks spot come Canada Day …)

I’ve spent many an hour with a good book, cup of coffee and my thoughts under Samuel de Champlain’s watchful eye … Hopefully my show-and-tell doesn’t change that!

Do you have a favourite solo spot to share with LTOttawa? Send us a note and tell us about it!