Ottawa’s Youth Services Bureau celebrates 50th anniversary

Ottawa’s  Youth Services Bureau celebrates its 50th anniversary today, and the Ottawa Citizen’s Kelly Patterson published a great front-page story to mark the important milestone.

The story starts:

At 16, Jimmy Prevost had been living on the streets for two years. At 17, he was already a heavy drinker, and had twice done jail time for attempted theft. It looked like the writing was on the wall.

Now he’s a music and theatre promoter, his walls lined with awards from his career in advertising; two weeks ago, he strode proudly onto the stage of the National Arts Centre to introduce the show he was managing by music icon Liona Boyd.

Jimmy puts it down to the day 50 years ago when he walked into Ottawa’s new Youth Services Bureau as its first client and met a man named Maurice Egan, the agency’s first executive director.

“I loved the guy as soon as I met him,” recalls Jimmy, now 68. More importantly, Maurice had faith that Jimmy would turn out all right — and took Jimmy into his own home for more than a year, so he could try to get his life back on track.

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