Here comes Santa Claus…

I’m happy to say I wasn’t the only one who braved the cold (and wind!) at last night’s 41st Annual Help Santa Toy Parade – though I didn’t get nearly as close to the fun as the lovely and talented David Kawai did. I was busy working at the parade, but luckily, David took some pretty fantastic photos that he has posted up on his own personal blog – have a look!

Each year the parade collects toys and donations for Ottawa kids, and according to the Ottawa Citizen, organizers estimated about 110,000 people lined the streets for the event.

I’ve always considered the parade to be the city’s unofficial kick-off to the holiday season. My favourite part was the squealing that came from the crowds when everyone thought big chunks of Walt Disney fairytale snow was falling from the sky.

It turned out it was a snow machine, but hey – it was still a pretty great moment.

Were you at this year’s Santa Claus parade? What did you think?