Battle of the Ottawa brunch spots: part III – Fraser Café

Avery celebrates her dad’s birthday with the Fraser Café’s bacon and donuts.

Angela Christiano is an event consultant who has lived in Ottawa ever since coming for the weekend in 1994.  Thanks for your contribution, Angela!

Remember the first cool – really cool – restaurant you went to? Both the food and décor had that common, comfortable, touch but in a way that made you feel classy (it is amazing what goat cheese can do to impress a burger).

Fraser Café in New Edinburgh is that place.

Here is a photo of our five-year old daughter’s order that speaks to the moxy of the restaurant: donuts and bacon. Seriously; a set of small homemade donuts accompanied by a deliciously sweet dipping sauce and warm, crispy bacon on the side.  Salty and sweet – the perfect combination.

Kudos to the Fraser Café for finding a way to incorporate what should be a death row last meal into a delicious and varied brunch menu.

Go soon and often.

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