Battle of the Ottawa brunch spots: part II

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real.  He also can’t stop thinking about waffles and eggs Benedict. Thanks for sharing your two cents in the battle of the Ottawa brunch spots, Alex!

I could have overlooked Pubwells as any other pub if it weren’t for the fact that it is down my street (Spruce) on Preston. Luckily, many others (beyond Pubwells’ usual classy clientele) don’t seem to know it, as breakfast and brunch times don’t get too crowded.

Pubwells does great waffles, with a wide selection of toppings including maple syrup, chocolate syrup, hot caramel, yogurt, fresh fruit (with a more exotic blend than you’d expect!), whipped cream and English cream. They make a killer eggs benedict with ham, spinach or salmon. All of the staples like homefries, sausage and bacon are great, and they offer a good number of combination plates in case you can’t choose between fresh waffles and eggs benedict with spinach.

Brunch of the Gods!

If you live anywhere near Preston or Somerset (Pubwells is one block north), you have no excuse not to try this spot. The prices are good, the service is friendly, and the whole place is warm and cozy.

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