Ottawa Citizen: Winterlude needs private funds to continue, NCC chief warns

The Ottawa Citizen’s Kristy Nease has a story today about the future of Winterlude.

She writes:

National Capital Commission CEO Marie Lemay warned Friday morning that the popular Winterlude festival is no longer sustainable — unless private business moves in to take part.

Lemay made the announcement in front of a sold-out crowd of businesspeople at the Sheraton Hotel, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce for its Eggs ‘N Icons breakfast lecture series.

“We know that if we don’t change, really, fundamentally, the way we look at our business, the only thing we’ll end up doing at one point is having to cut an arm,” Lemay said. “That’s the only result at the end of the day if you’re not able to reinvent yourself and make really good use of your funds.”

From now until about 2013, Winterlude will transition to the new approach, becoming a testing ground for how to involve the private sector in future NCC events and plans, Lemay said in an interview following her talk.

Traditionally, the NCC takes on the role of sole producer, but in order for 32 years of Winterlude tradition to move forward, that has to end.” Click here to read the full article …